Hindustan Times ST (Mumbai) : 2019-02-11



hindustantimes 13 HINDUSTAN TIMES, MUMBAI MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 myfirstvote 18 MILLION PEOPLE BETWEEN 18 AND 23 ARE ESTIMATED TO CAST THEIR BALLOT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE 2019 LOK SABHA POLLS. WHAT DO THEY WANT? When they had to get the Scheduled Caste certificate six years ago, Ratna says the office helped her. “I have started going to party meetings,” she says. But internal party rifts are spilling out in the open. “Factionalism is at its peak, and there are always skirmishes. The syndicate raj is also present in our here,” Ratna says, referring to a system where party leaders enjoy a virtual monopoly on construction sites and materials. Critics allege the system funnels money into the party; Banerjee claims she has cracked down on it. n n 20 (South Kolkata) This engineering student knows reservations are an election issue. She says her Scheduled Caste scholarship has helped her, and reservations must not be stopped SAMIR JANA/HINDUSTAN TIMES THE ISSU THA MAT R TO M BAI ARE THE ISSUES WE COVER of the coverage unmatched gives you Metro city. HT in your situation traffic Share your opinion on these issues by writing to us at [email protected]

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