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Celebrator­y mood prevails on the home front as you enjoy the company of your friends and relations. Look into the legal aspects of a property issue. You are likely to come into your groove now on the academic front. You may have to bring your lifestyle a notch or two down to enhance your savings. Things on the profession­al front may not go in your favour, as your performanc­e takes a downward swing. Those not regular in daily workouts are likely to get their act together on the fitness front.

Love Focus: Taking some time out for romance will prove refreshing. Lucky Number: 7 Lucky Colour: Peach

Judicious spending is the need of the hour to make your money last longer, so take note. You will be able to have your way on the profession­al front, despite opposition. You may resent someone at home who remains critical of you. Submitting the booking amount for a property is possible for some. Joining the group of performers on the academic front is likely to help you immensely.

Love Focus: Cater to lover’s moods, if you don’t want to be left high and dry on the romantic front!

Lucky Number: 22 Lucky Colour: Light Blue

If you want to take the option being suggested to you, you are likely to save a lot of hassle. You are likely to derive much pleasure from immersing yourself in work on the profession­al front today. Don’t shy away from networking on the academic front, as it can help you seize an excellent opportunit­y. You will be able to break free from a manipulato­r trying to turn you against someone by his or her glib talk.

Love Focus: Something may hold you back from taking a step towards someone you desire on the romantic front.

Lucky Number: 1 Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

Judicious spending will enable you to save for something essential. On the work front, chances of getting selected for something prestigiou­s cannot be ruled out. Your support to a family member will find him or her excelling on the academic front. Delays are foreseen in a journey, but you will be able to catch up on time. Luck deserting you at the last moment in a competitio­n on the academic front cannot be ruled out.

Love Focus: You will feel much lighter inside by sharing your innermost feelings with the person you love.

Lucky Number: 18 Lucky Colour: Pink


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