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Zebra crossing that crosses over!

- Jeet Mashru

MUMBAI: A newly painted zebra crossing outside Borivali West railway station leads to nowhere. The painted patch starts from one end of the road till the divider, to continue on the other side, from the divider to the end of the road. It is a pointless exercise as it serves no purpose for citizens who wish to cross the road safely. The crossing, located on the north exit of the station, has a huge footfall throughout the day.

Dhawal Ashar, senior manager, Integrated Transport, World Resources Institute, India, said, “In a city where pedestrian mode share is over 50% and every year close to 200 pedestrian­s die in traffic fatalities, we cannot afford to get crossings wrong. Pedestrian crossings should be accessible from either end.”

Advocate Trivankuma­r Karnani, founder of Mumbai North Central District Forum (MNCDF), a citizen welfare forum working on civic issues, said, “This is an absolute waste of taxpayer’s money. It is not done according to the guidelines of Indian Roads Congress code for zebra crossing and the median at the road is blocked, making it impossible to cross. It is shocking that civic body officials cannot get even such a basic job right.”

HT contacted the BMC ward officer multiple times, but did not receive a response.

 ?? HT PHOTO ?? The zebra crossing is outside Borivli West railway station
HT PHOTO The zebra crossing is outside Borivli West railway station

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