Vir talks to fem­i­nists for his com­edy spe­cial


Vir Das’ next com­edy spe­cial deals with top­ics such as pol­i­tics and fem­i­nism.Vir spent two years for the re­search. He met a bunch of women who are flag bear­ers of fem­i­nism in In­dia. A source says, “He met Anu Menon, Rega Jha, Shruti Sheth and oth­ers to help him come up with ma­te­rial, which was deeply rooted with facts and emo­tions com­ing from women, who have been pioneers in the wave of fem­i­nism in In­dia.”

Vir says, “After the first spe­cial, I didn’t feel great about it. I felt it was good, but soon after, co­me­di­ans like Dave Chap­pelle, Han­nah Gadsby came out with their spe­cial and reached out to many peo­ple be­cause they stood for some­thing deeper in its in­tent. I wanted that too. So, I spent more time re­search­ing.” He adds, “I may not be the right per­son to speak on it, so I wanted to meet peo­ple who are spokesper­sons of fem­i­nism. I never be­lieved in us­ing top­ics just to bring a cer­tain re­ac­tion. Top­ics like fem­i­nism, pol­i­tics have to come from a level of deep aware­ness and not frivolous­ness.”


Vir Das

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