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Another Bangalorea­n artist, Bhagya Babu quit her regular 9-to-5 job to pursue her passion. She prides herself on having depicted the “Mallu life”. Her comics, titled Awkwerrrrr­d, revolve around being caught while eating things off the floor to devious plans to move to a foreign country. Her advice to aspiring artist is, “Figure out what it is you really want to convey to your audience and bring your own spin to it. And set deadlines for yourself, and plan a month in advance.” Without arguing over technology being a bane or a boon, Bhagya says she has been lucky to not have too many bad experience­s with plagiarism. “If a company/individual is using your artwork for commercial purposes, it’s best to take the legal route. If it’s plagiarise­d for content, I send them a private message urging them to take it down,” says the 27-year-old.

Keep practising and be original. Meeting fellow comic artists and seeing the work they are doing can be inspiring. Comic con is also a great platform to showcase or sell your artwork and get immediate feedback from the audience.

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