Chef Hus­sain Shahzad gives an insight into the prepa­ra­tion of the dish, “This mush­room rice bowl uses a mix of dried shi­itakes and fresh but­ton mush­rooms. Al­ways check the gills on the un­der­side to see if it’s tightly closed, this is an in­di­ca­tor of fresh­ness. Ev­ery mush­room is then wiped with a damp towel to clean the dirt. The dried shi­itakes are re­hy­drated in warm wa­ter squeezed and then used to make a mush­room broth. The mush­room broth is used to cook the rice, this adds a depth of flavour and then to en­hance the umami we add in a mix of diced but­ton mush­rooms and sliced shi­itakes with some baby spinach while fin­ish­ing the rice dish.”

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