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Actor Shweta Tripathi always tries to celebrate the festival of lights with her family in the Capital

- Radhika Bhirani radhika.bhirani@hindustant­

It has been 12 years since she made the shift to Mumbai, but taking time off to be at home around Diwali is a tradition that actor Shweta Tripathi will never let go of. “Family is precious. Family is family,” says the actor, who was born and brought up in Delhi.

“Dilli ki Diwali... The khaana, the people... We had cards party and got everything done at home. The mattresses, choosing which cutlery to use... I like that; it’s so personal. My friends used to come home on Diwali earlier, too, and it’s a ritual that I don’t want to let go of,” Shweta adds.

On a five-day pre-Diwali visit to her parents’ home, she ensured she had a joyous time shopping, catching up with friends and family, and playing cards.

“We had a taash party amongst us... Mom, dad, didi, and all. I won ₹130. In Mumbai, the card parties are very different and the stakes are way too high. I don’t play there,” says Shweta, now back in Mumbai. She quips that she stands a chance to win if anyone plays ‘muflis’ — a card game when a person with the lowest cards takes the cake.

Shweta reveals that was it was after a while that she was able to made a relaxed trip to Delhi. “Earlier, I used to manage coming here more frequently, but of late, because of the work, it’s very tough. I really wanted this pre-Diwali time to experience the festivity,” she says.

She has taken back a creative mug for her sister-inlaw and was gifted colourful juttis by her sister. “Coming to Delhi is like... a time capsule. The radio still plays songs which used to play during my college days. When I listen to music, I’m transporte­d back to my college days,” she shares.

Diwali was never about firecracke­rs for her. “I’ve been against firecracke­rs since... I can’t even remember when. It’s good that kids are very conscious now and they don’t want to light them because they understand the health hazards,” she adds.


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