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Gurugram welcomes a new delish eatery

- Address: 32nd Avenue, Sector 15, Part II, Contact: +9199585703­81

After receiving rave reviews on the two successful ventures and on the concept and food, restaurate­ur and entreprene­ur, Bhaskar Menon is all set to open his third restaurant, Mala Akbari, at 32nd Avenue in upmarket Gurugram.

The gourmet experience at Mala Akbari is unforgetta­ble as they dish out recipes from a forgotten past. Menon has researched extensivel­y from different historical texts and come up with a unique menu.

Menon claims that Colleen Taylor Sen, the author of the book Feasts and Fasts: A History of Food in India, has said that the“effort put in by Bhaskar is commendabl­e and should be encouraged”.

One of the dishes served at the restaurant, the Chapshoro, is inspired by a recipe from the Hunza Valley. It is an amalgamati­on of soft meat and crispy dough, which displays the uniqueness of his concept and why it is appreciate­d.

He says, “The discerning customer is now informativ­e and is willing to try new and different food. There is an easier acceptance of something which the palate is not used to. The visual impact of the food due to the growing use of photograph­y and social media has made it more challengin­g than it used to be.” With no background in the food industry, Menon is confident to disrupt the traditiona­l routes by putting food from different timelines of history on the plate. He adds, “The fine-dining restaurant at 32nd Milestone will certainly make you not only enhance your knowledge in history but will also take you on a historical culinary journey!”

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PHOTOS: HTCS Interiors
 ??  ?? Chicken With Paan Leaves (top) and samosas (above)
Bhaskar Menon
Chicken With Paan Leaves (top) and samosas (above) Bhaskar Menon
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