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Actor and MP Kirron Kher talks about life, work and recovery after cancer diagnosis

- Titas Chowdhury titas.chowdhury@hindustant­

Early this year, actor Anupam Kher took to social media to share that his wife, actor and MP Kirron Kher, has been detected with multiple myeloma and is undergoing treatment.

In the last few months, her son Sikander Kher has been updating fans with news about her health. And just a few days back, Kirron herself took to Instagram to share that she is working from home. She tells us that she never stopped working. “I was working even when I was in the hospital, going through treatments,” shares Kher, who adds that she has been in touch with people on phone all along. The actor continues, “I inaugurate­d an oxygen plant recently in Chandigarh, virtually. My doctor isn’t letting me travel anywhere, especially by air, since my immunity is compromise­d due to the treatment.”

When one is battling a lifethreat­ening illness, it is difficult to maintain a positive outlook and the Khoobsurat (2014) actor admits all this has made her less positive: “It’s not the ideal situation to be in.

Par yeh zindagi hai. One learns to deal with it and carry on. There’s no way out except to treat it. Nobody likes going through treatments or its side effects.” Kher, 69, will have to visit the hospital once a month for maintenanc­e therapy. She says, “Some people get cured and some don’t... But it’s something I have to accept.”

Lastly, Kher shares that she is overwhelme­d with all the love that has come her way. “I’m not active on social media but Anupam ji has been telling me about it. I’m grateful to them and God,” she ends.

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