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This activist saved thousands of lives


For the last nine years, Pallabi Ghosh has been fighting to break the organised human traffickin­g chains running in various parts of Delhi and NCR. “I come from the North East, a place where there is hardly any discrimina­tion between girls and boys, so when I read about women voluntaril­y selling their body for money, I wondered why would they want to bear such humiliatio­n every day. To seek my answers, I joined Shakti Vahini, an NGO as a research officer after college. The majority of women I met had the most horrifying tales to share. They had either been abducted and forced into sex trade or sold off to pimps by their loved ones,” says human rights activist Ghosh.

A few years ago, Ghosh started her NGO, Impact and Dialogue Foundation and has conducted countless raids to rescue victims of child traffickin­g. “I realise that extreme poverty is the root cause of these issues. People are forced to sell off their children when they can’t provide them two square meals a day. They don’t have the heart to see them starve to death. These children fall in the hands of criminals who push them in sex trade or they end up becoming a part of the begging racket,” says Ghosh.

Her work is extremely risky and full of challenges but she says it also helps her sleep peacefully every night. “Every time I succeed in rescuing a helpless child, I feel a surge of joy. It’s the happiest feeling in the world,” says Ghosh. Recently, after several attempts, Ghosh, along with her team, found a teenage girl who was kidnapped seven years ago. “I could unite her with her father after a long separation. The moment she hugged her father, she cried and so did I. My rescue work has been a life-changing experience,” says Ghosh who has saved more than 5,000 victims by now.

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