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How can one reuse their old maternity gowns?


Maternity clothes remain special for new mothers, just as everything else during the journey of pregnancy. There are many creative and purposeful ways to reuse those old maternity gowns in summer, even after losing the extra kilos and coming back to the normal shape.

You can use these gowns as comfy upper layer clothing, like shrugs, and pair them with tees and shorts. To convert these into shrugs, you can take the help of a tailor. You can style these frocks into playful attire by using a belt. In case you are good with draping, these gowns can be converted into a knotted (create a knot from inside after cinching) dress for a casual outing. And if any of these ideas don’t work, these frocks can become your most comfortabl­e sleepwear. In addition, to mark your emotional connect with these clothes, you can repurpose these by making something for your baby, like wraps or cushions — just make sure that the fabric is soft and skin-friendly.

 ?? ?? Abhishek Pathak, Designer
Abhishek Pathak, Designer

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