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Big B claps back at troll who called him ‘budhau’


Actor Amitabh Bachchan is often seen interactin­g with his fans on social media, but he recently encountere­d a series of rather unpleasant comments on Facebook, with some trolls even resorting to age-shaming him. However, the actor gave them all befitting responses in his modest manner.

On Sunday, around 11.30am, the actor took to his Facebook account to wish his fans a good morning. While some wished him in return, others taunted him for extending morning greetings almost around noon.

One asked in Hindi, “Don’t you think you have wished a good morning very early?”, to which he replied, “I am grateful for the taunt. But I was working late night, shooting wrapped up this morning. I got late in waking up, so sent wishes as soon as I did. If it hurt you then I apologise.”

Big B also addressed a bunch of disrespect­ful comments, one of which read, “Abe buddhe dopahar ho gayi”. He wrote in response, “I pray that you have a long age but no one insults you by calling you a ‘buddha’ then.” Another Facebook user referred to him as ‘budhau’ and as Bachchan’s fans defended him from the troll, saying that he might be in a different time zone, the actor told them, “Let him say, he is telling the truth. No I am in the country only. I was working all night so woke up late.”

Another social media user trolled him by calling him Mahanalaya­k, a mix of the Hindi words ‘mahanayak’ (superstar) and ‘nalayak’ (worthless). The user wrote, “Yeh kaun si pratahkaal hai mahanalaya­k ji”, to which the Gulabo Sitabo (2020) actor retorted, “I was working all night, so woke up late, layak ji (worthy man).”

 ?? PHOTO: ANI ?? Amitabh Bachchan
PHOTO: ANI Amitabh Bachchan

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