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I’m a better father than I am an actor or husband: Swapnil

- Vinay MR Mishra

Actor Swapnil Joshi may have been in showbiz for over a decade, but there’s one thing he aspires to do before this year ends. “I promised my daughter that I would be super fit by the end of 2022,” he says. Joshi’s sixyear-old daughter, Myra wishes to see him “super fit”. “In bacchon ke funde alag hote hain. So I’m going to give it my best shot,” he adds. He also has a four-year-old son, Raghav. Interestin­gly, an entire generation has witnessed Joshi grow up from being a child to having two. Ask him what kind of father he is, and the actor nonchalant­ly replies, “I’m absolutely brilliant. At the cost of sounding immodest, I will give myself a 10/10. I’m a hands-on father. I think

I’m a better father than I’m anything else. I don’t know if I’m a good actor, son, husband or anything, but I’m a great father.”

He recalls taking two months of paternity leave when his daughter was born. “From changing her diapers to clothes till date, I have done everything. From making them sleep, waking them up, taking them on drives, dates, movies, picking them up from their classes, bathing them, you name it and I have done it,” he shares.

The actor, who is currently shooting for a daily soap, shares that he takes time out for his children amid his busy schedule. “I either see them waking up or see them going to bed. So, either I will leave late for the shoot or I will make sure that I’m home by 10.30pm, as they sleep by 11pm. I sit or chat with them, hear their complaints about their mother and sort them out,” he signs off.

 ?? PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM/ SWWAPNIL_JOSHI ?? ► Swapnil Joshi; (inset) his kids Raghav and Myra
PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM/ SWWAPNIL_JOSHI ► Swapnil Joshi; (inset) his kids Raghav and Myra

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