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The actor recalls her good ol’ days at Delhi Public School, Noida

- Rishabh Suri

Nimrat Kaur has been winning a lot of appreciati­on for her performanc­e in her latest project, Dasvi. The actor plays the role of the Chief Minister’s meek wife in the film, who undergoes a transforma­tion when she takes charge after her husband goes to jail.

Kaur was in town recently after the success of her film. And what better way to make her revisit her own dasvi (class X) or high school days, than to take her to a place she didn’t visit in over 15 years — her school!

“I am feeling nostalgic about everything. I had some of my most formative years in this school, from class eight to 12,” she gushes as she is welcomed by the staff at Delhi Public School, Noida.


Kaur gives us a school tour, taking us to the staff room. “My sister and I constructe­d a time bomb with sutli bombs, tied them all together and at the end of it was an agarbatti, which was the timer. We kept it exactly above the staff room... In some time, it of course went off, and there was a huge explosion. Everyone was rattled ‘who did this?’ And I was the discipline and cultural secretary of the school!” she laughs.


As her teachers come up to her for selfies, we ask the actor what kind of a student was she. The 40-yearold says, “I was not a backbenche­r, but I used to be up to no good, which nobody knows about. As the secretary, I would hide behind that façade. No one would question me, and I would use my position to take revenge from the people I wanted to. I would get them suspended or punished. I have got some guys in school caught for things they didn’t even do!”


She misses the old days. Kaur recalls, “School was my comfort zone, I live five minutes away. My favourite spots (near school) were

Noida Sector-18, Brahmaputr­a Complex, which has now become huge with food stalls.”

“Dasvi was a very special experience for me. The role required me to enter a genre which I have not been offered [before]. It is lovely, an out and out family entertaine­r,” she signs off.

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 ?? PHOTOS: DHRUV SETHI/HT ?? Nimrat Kaur at the premises of her alma mater, Delhi Public School (Noida)
PHOTOS: DHRUV SETHI/HT Nimrat Kaur at the premises of her alma mater, Delhi Public School (Noida)

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