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‘Devotion sabse bada zariya hai logon tak pahuchne ka’

- Naina Arora

My fan following isn’t just limited to devotional [music] anymore. SONIA ARORA, Singer evotion can touch people’s hearts, and singer Sonia Arora is a firm believer in this. Known for her rendition of Shukar Karaan Guruji, the Delhiite feels the popularity of devotional songs is increasing among youngsters, both as performers and listeners.

“Devotional songs feature even in [Bollywood] movies today, and youngsters listen to them. Devotion toh sabse bada zariya hai logon ke dilon ki teh tak pahuchne ka,” she shares.

Following in the footsteps of her late father — singer Baldev Raj Arora — she has a deep connection with the genre. Sharing advice for budding singers, she says, “Devotional [music] karna chahte ho toh poore bhav ke saath gao. Apne ko pura daal do us gaane ke andar. Laga do poori taakat.” Mention how the Hanuman Chalisa, featuring late singer Gulshan Kumar, became the first song from India to cross two billion views on YouTube, and Sonia says it was the pandemic that led to more people getting in touch with their spiritual side. “Woh waqt hi aisa tha, someone or the other was ill and asked to pray for their well-being,” says the singer, whose track Khushi Viaah Di is quite a hit at wedding festivitie­s. In fact, she has her “hands full with wedding functions across the globe”. “My fan following isn’t limited to devotional [music] anymore. Teen mahine tak dates nahin hain for sufi, mehendi and haldi nights!”

Staying true to one’s guru, regardless of circumstan­ces, is a quality very crucial to the artiste. “Maine khudne likha Shukar Karaan Guruji. Little did I know one song would bring global fame... I’ve been singing since I was five. Mujhe itne messages aate

hain, saying, ‘Shukar Kara sunke hi hum jude hain ishwar se’. Kuch sunne se aap seedha jud jaate ho, yehi toh ruhani cheezein hai,” says Sonia, who also aspires to sing in Bollywood.

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