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How will 5G technology accentuate India’s growth story?

- Managing director (India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka), Infobip

The first-generation wireless technology gave us mobile devices, 2G brought us the ability to text, 3G enabled mobile web usage and 4G made it faster. However, the fifth generation of wireless technology will be a different ball game altogether. Thanks to massive bandwidth, network capacity, ultra-low latency, higher multi-Gbps data speed and better availabili­ty, all industries will take a giant leap with its rollout. From self-driving cars and telesurger­y to ultra-HD live streaming and automated factories, 5G will act as a catalyst for the growth of a futurist India.

Expected to be up to 100 times faster than 4G, this new generation of wireless connectivi­ty will be able to support up to one million connected devices per sq km, compared to 2,000 sq km under 4G. Not only will it facilitate growth of new-age technologi­es like IoT, AI and blockchain, it will also transform healthcare, agricultur­e and education in rural areas. Augmented reality, virtual reality and digital in-store experience will become vital to providing consumers with the best experience. With a projected contributi­on of approximat­ely $450 billion to the Indian economy by 2040, 5G has the potential to make Digital India a reality at a rapid pace.

Harsha Solanki,

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