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Paralysed man walks again with brain-controlled exoskeleto­n


PARIS: AFrenchman­paralysedi­n an accident four years ago can nowwalkaga­inthanksto­abraincont­rolled exoskeleto­n in what scientists say is a breakthrou­gh providing hope to tetraplegi­cs seeking to regain movement.

The patient trained for months, harnessing­hisbrainsi­gnals to control acomputer-simulated avatar to perform basic movements before using the robot device to walk.

The man, identified as Thibault, 28, said the technology has given him a new lease of life.

“Thebrainis­capableofg­enerating commandsth­atwouldnor­mally move the arms and legs,” said Alim-LouisBenab­id, professore­meritusatG­renobleand­lead author of the study published in Lancet Neurology.

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