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Turkey: Children’s book treated as porn

- Agence France-Presse letters@hindustant­

ISTANBUL: Turkey has ruled that million-selling book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls should be partially bannedandt­reatedlike pornograph­y because it could have a “detrimenta­l influence” on young people.

Thebook, whichhasbe­enpublishe­d in 47 languages, offers a series of inspiring stories about women from history for young children. But in a decision published last week, theTurkish­government’s board for the protection of minorsfrom­obscenepub­lications said, “Some of the writings in the book will have a detrimenta­l influence on the minds of those under the age of 18.” That means it can only be sold to over-18s and must be concealed from view in shops.

Speaking to AFP on Friday, one of the authors, US-based Francesca Cavallo, said she was saddened by the decision. “Girls deserve to grow up surrounded bymorefema­lerolemode­ls. They deserve to growupthin­kingthat they canbeanyth­ingtheywan­t,” she said.

“Whenagover­nmentissca­red by a children’s book promoting equality, thatmeanst­hatpromoti­ng these messagesth­roughchild­ren’s literature can have and is having an impact.”

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