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stu­dent. And along­side, Where is ef­fort or­dained? In learn­ing, good medicine and char­ity.

What should the prac­ti­cal goals of life be? Knowl­edge, wealth, strength, fame and merit. But What is the de­stroyer of all good qual­i­ties? Greed.

Of course, there are pre­dictable bits: What is as fleet­ing as light­ning? The com­pany of bad per­sons and young women and What makes a per­son free from sor­row? A sub­mis­sive wife and abid­ing means of liveli­hood. At this point, we must con­sider that its a never-a-house­holder sanyasi speak­ing and how would he know? In fact hes told to go find out by a woman named Saraswati and smartly chooses to ex­pe­ri­ence sam­sara (life, not the Guer­lain per­fume) as a king, not a wood­cut­ter.

These ques­tions and their mostly ex­cel­lent an­swers are from the

the 67 Q&A in San­skrit that he com­posed as a self-help book, sort of an an­cient Seven Habits of Highly Ef­fec­tive Peo­ple for men in the 8th cen­tury who had the right to be ed­u­cated. In­ci­den­tally, among women, a re­spectable woman did not have this right but a cour­te­san did, per­haps to equip her to spe­cialise as the think­ing mans bimbo.

What­ever, the point is that a heap of Shankaras hand­outs make sense even to­day and the stuff about gen­der and caste can be edited right out, which may re­duce the 67 by a few. But like he said, What adorns speech? Truth.

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