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Des­ti­na­tion Shatabdi (Am­rit­sar to New Delhi) Swaran Shatabdi (Am­rit­sar to New Delhi) Jan Shatabdi (Am­rit­sar to Harid­war) Sachk­hand Ex­press (Am­rit­sar to Ha­joor Sahib) Swaraj Ex­press (Jammu to Mum­bai) Malwa Ex­press (Jammu to In­dore) Golden Tem­ple (Am­rit­sar to Mum­bai) Su­per­fast (Am­rit­sar to New Delhi) Shan-e-Pun­jab (Am­rit­sar to New Delhi) Ra­jd­hani (Jammu to New Delhi) Sam­park Kranti (Jammu to New Delhi) Jammu Mail (Jammu to Old Delhi) Jalandhar Su­per­fast (Jalandhar to New Delhi) Shatabdi (New Delhi to Am­rit­sar) Swaran Shatabdi (New Delhi to Am­rit­sar) Jan Shatabdi (Harid­war to Am­rit­sar) Sachk­hand Ex­press (Ha­joor Sahib to Am­rit­sar) Swaraj Ex­press (Mum­bai to Jammu) Malwa Ex­press (In­dore to Jammu) Golden Tem­ple (Mum­bai to Am­rit­sar) Su­per­fast (New Delhi to Am­rit­sar) Shan-e-Pun­jab (New Delhi to Am­rit­sar) Ra­jd­hani (New Delhi to Jammu) Sam­park Kranti (New Delhi to Jammu) Jammu Mail (Old Delhi to Jammu) Jalandhar Su­per­fast (New Delhi to Jalandhar)

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