‘Early de­tec­tion can save you from oral can­cer’

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A city-based doc­tor was hon­oured by chief min­is­ter Parkash Singh Badal dur­ing the Pun­jab State Dental Con­fer­ence that was re­cently held at Chandigarh.

Dr Pardeep Sharma, oral and max­illo­fa­cial sur­geon, was one of the speak­ers who was hon­oured dur­ing the con­fer­ence.

Dr Sharma gave a lec­ture on, ‘early de­tec­tion of oral can­cer.’

A to­tal of 680 del­e­gates par­tic­i­pated in the con­fer­ence. Dr Pardeep Sharma, who is the district dental health of­fi­cer, said early de­tec­tion of can­cer can save the life of a pa­tient adding that Oral can­cer is the most com­mon form of can­cer among males in In­dia.

As the can­cer aware­ness month is be­ing ob­served in April, the doc­tor ad­vised the peo­ple to not ig­nore the symp­toms.

Dr Sharma said, “De­tec­tion at stage 1 and 2 carry a very favourable 5 year sur­vival rate of 70-85% while if the can­cer is de­tected in the third and the fourth stage then the five year sur­vival rate is up to 40%.”

Dr Sharma added can­cer in the head and the neck is emerg­ing as the sin­gle largest disease

A white or red patch (or com­bi­na­tion of the two) in­side the mouth or the lips are the most com­monly ex­pe­ri­enced symp­tom of oral can­cer. In the early stages, th­ese white and red patches are warn­ings of ab­nor­mal cells, a pre-ma­lig­nant con­di­tion. If left un­treated, they can be­come can­cer­ous

A sore or blis­ter in the mouth or on the lip that won’t heal is a symp­tom of oral can­cer. Sores that last longer than two weeks war­rant a trip to a doc­tor

This symp­tom can in­clude dif­fi­culty chew­ing, mov­ing the jaw, speak­ing, or mov­ing the tongue en­tity among all ma­lig­nan­cies and of all head and neck can­cers around 50% are can­cers of the oral cav­ity.

He fur­ther said stud­ies all over the world have shown that den­tists are more likely to pick up disease in stage 1 and 2. He added that heavy and in­take of al­co­hol, smok­ing, to­bacco and other chem­i­cals wreaks havoc This is a non-spe­cific symp­tom of oral can­cer and can be caused by many other con­di­tions

Fre­quent or per­sis­tent ear pain needs to be eval­u­ated by a physi­cian. An ear pain is usu­ally in­dica­tive of an in­fec­tion. How­ever, in some cases, it can be re­lated to oral can­cer

This can in­clude den­tures not fit­ting cor­rectly. Oral can­cer can also cause loose teeth Report any oral bleed­ing to your den­tist and doc­tor. Bleed­ing from the mouth can be caused by many things, but it is still a symp­tom of oral can­cer and needs to be checked out. in the oral cav­ity that is ma­jor risk fac­tors of oral can­cer.

Dr Sharma fur­ther said that hu­man pa­pil­loma virus is also one of the ma­jor risk fac­tor for oral and cer­vi­cal can­cers.

Dr Pardeep Sharma has served at AIIMS, New Delhi and In­dian Armed Forces apart from Chris­tian Med­i­cal Col­lege, Lud­hi­ana.


Dr Pardeep Sharma be­ing hon­oured by chief min­is­ter Parkash Singh Badal dur­ing the Pun­jab State Dental Con­fer­ence held in Chandigarh re­cently.

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