No light at the end of the ‘crime’ tun­nel

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In­stall cam­eras in ev­ery pub­lic area

The in­ci­dents of crime are in­creas­ing day by day in the city. The com­mis­sion­er­ate sys­tem although helped re­duce the in­ci­dents a lit­tle, but failed to elim­i­nate them. There are crimes which do not even come into the no­tice of the me­dia or po­lice. To check crimes in the city, cam­eras should be in­stalled in ev­ery street and pub­lic area. Tech­ni­cally qual­i­fied staff should be ap­pointed to re­view the record­ing con­stantly.

via email Eas­ier to be robbed than lodge an FIR

Po­lice com­mis­sion­er­ate sys­tem in Lud­hi­ana has not helped curb crime. Tall claims by the city po­lice of try­ing to curb crime have re­peat­edly fallen flat with var­i­ous crime in­ci­dents be­ing re­ported ev­ery day. Crim­i­nals con­tinue to use ev­ery trick in the book to rob city res­i­dents while the po­lice seem to be no more than mere spec­ta­tors.

Numer­ous cases of or­gan­ised rob­beries, gun­point snatchings of ve­hi­cles, gold, cash, mo­bile phones and thefts are a daily af­fair.

Mis­cre­ants have also started smash­ing cars’ win­dow­panes to take away cash and valu­ables. This re­flects in­ef­fi­ciency of the city po­lice.

It has been seen that in sev­eral cases, no po­lice case is reg­is­tered. It is eas­ier to get robbed than get a com­plaint reg­is­tered with the po­lice. Lodg­ing an FIR should be a sim­ple af­fair for the com­mon man.

Po­lice need to start con­duct­ing meet­ings with res­i­dents ev­ery month in dif­fer­ent ar­eas and lis­ten to their griev­ances. Min­utes of the meet­ing should be for­warded to the higher po­lice of­fi­cials. Po­lice should also meet school and col­lege stu­dents.

Also, un­less res­i­dents start in­ter­act­ing with the po­lice com­fort­ably, the crime in­ci­dents can­not be re­duced.

City res­i­dents are them­selves paying for set­ting up of iron gates and ap­point­ing watch­men, as they do not feel se­cure.

via email Proper check­ing of ve­hi­cles es­sen­tial

The com­mis­sion­er­ate sys­tem has helped in re­duc­ing the crime to some ex­tent. But still the cases of snatch­ing are in­creas­ing daily. Proper check­ing of ve­hi­cles should be the main con­cern of po­lice. Pa­trolling should be in­creased spe­cially dur­ing late night and early morn­ing. Mostly un­em­ployed youth are be­hind th­ese crimes. Lack of money forces them to take to crime, and un­e­d­u­cated peo­ple sup­port them in this. Com­pul­sory ed­u­ca­tion and good job op­por­tu­ni­ties can put a full stop on th­ese crimes.

Lud­hi­ana Gangs roam the city with im­punity

Though the po­lice com­mis­sion­er­ate was es­tab­lished in the city three years ago, there has been no de­crease in the in­ci­dence of crime. Gangs of mis­cre­ants roam the city and have been mush­room­ing. Though the po­lice have suc­ceeded in ar­rest­ing some of them, the ac­cused man­age to get bail and again in­dulge in crim­i­nal ac­tiv­i­ties, in­cor­ri­gi­bly. The po­lice should deal with such crim­i­nal el­e­ments harshly and should beef up the se­cu­rity and pa­trolling for the safety and se­cu­rity of the city res­i­dents.

Hai­bowal Po­lice bull­dozed by power and pelf of politi­cians

The po­lice have been bull­dozed by the power and pelf of the politi­cians; this was the rea­son why some of the se­nior po­lice of­fi­cials were beaten up by the lat­ter. The po­lice should act as the pro­tec­tors of the law rather than be the toad­ies of their po­lit­i­cal bosses. Cases of snatchings, loot and land grab have been in­creas­ing ex­po­nen­tially and the real es­tate busi­ness has been used by both the po­lice and the politi­cians to make a killing di­rectly or in­di­rectly.

Daba Po­lice must strike at the root of the prob­lem

Acute un­em­ploy­ment and per­va­sive drug ad­dic­tion are the two ma­jor rea­sons be­hind crimes like snatchings and mug­ging. El­derly peo­ple and women have been soft tar­gets for the snatch­ers. Just pun­ish­ing the mis­cre­ants is not a per­ma­nent so­lu­tion to the prob­lem as the po­lice would have to strike at the root of it: it should or­gan­ise de-ad­dic­tion camps for drug ad­dicts with the ac­tive help of NGOs work­ing in the field.

Lud­hi­ana Crime rate has spiked

I don’t think the po­lice com­mis­sion­er­ate sys­tem started in 2010 has ac­tu­ally helped curb crime in the city; the crime rate in the city is still high as com­pared with past years. In­ci­dents of crimes, like rape, snatch­ing and mur­der, re­main high.

Lud­hi­ana Po­lice must have tar­geted ap­proach

The po­lice must evolve a tar­geted ap­proach to crime fight­ing. They should be de­ploy­ing more per­son­nel in ar­eas which are crime prone. For ex­am­ple, if an area is snatch­ing in­fested then more per­son­nel must be con­cen­trated to stop the in­ci­dents of the crime. Added to it, the au­thor­i­ties must solve the pend­ing cases.

Lud­hi­ana Po­lice lack re­sources

The com­mis­sion­er­ate sys­tem has not been very ef­fec­tive in tack­ling crime in the city. The ma­jor rea­son be­hind this might be the scarcity of vi­tal re­sources, in­clud­ing man­power, with the po­lice de­part­ment. How can we ex­pect good re­sults from an over­bur­dened po­lice force?

Lud­hi­ana Col­lapse of so­cial sys­tem to blame

Given the ever spik­ing crime rate in the city, we need to find out the fac­tors col­lec­tively re­spon­si­ble for this. Poor polic­ing is one of the rea­sons, but the col­lapse of so­cial sys­tem is per­haps the main fac­tor be­hind the rise in crime. Tack­ling crime is the re­spon­si­bil­ity of the po­lice, but they are help­less with­out the ac­tive sup­port from so­ci­ety.

Lud­hi­ana Po­lice must be pro-peo­ple and friendly

In or­der to curb crime com­pletely, the po­lice de­part­ment should come down heav­ily upon the drug mafia so that youths can be saved from be­com­ing drug ad­dicts. The po­lice should have a friendly face so that peo­ple do not hes­i­tate in ap­proach­ing the po­lice per­son­nel. I don’t think that the new sys­tem has helped curb crime. The de­part­ment should de­ploy more per­son­nel in var­i­ous ar­eas of the city. It should open pub­lic help cen­tres and de­pute hon­est of­fi­cials there.

Lud­hi­ana Need to go that ex­tra mile in curb­ing crimes against women

The new sys­tem has helped curb crime to some ex­tent, but still the com­mon man feels that po­lice should go that ex­tra mile to stop crimes against women. Rape, eveteas­ing and cases of vi­o­lence are re­ported in huge num­bers. Snatch­ing in­ci­dents have in­stilled fear among the pub­lic. The pub­lic too should come for­ward to help the po­lice so that anti-so­cial el­e­ments can be nabbed.

Lud­hi­ana Strong net­work of in­form­ers needed

Clearly, the po­lice de­part­ment is re­spon­si­ble for the grow­ing crime in the city. There are faults with the way the de­part­ment han­dles is­sues. Also, there is a need to stress more on strength­en­ing the net­work of in­form­ers. With­out this net­work, we can’t ex­pect good re­sults from the po­lice.

Lud­hi­ana Mid­dle rung of­fi­cials are un­friendly, in­tim­i­dat­ing and cal­lous

The hopes of peo­ple, height­ened af­ter the com­mis­sion­er­ate was set up, have dashed as the po­lice have failed to rein in anti so­cial el­e­ments.

Ma­jor­ity of the as­sis­tant sub-in­spec­tors, sub-in­spec­tors and sta­tion house of­fi­cers, who come di­rectly in con­tact with the com­plainants go­ing to po­lice sta­tions and po­lice chowkis have an un­friendly, in­tim­i­dat­ing and cal­lous ap­proach.

Se­nior cops, in­clud­ing IPS of­fi­cers, are ac­ces­si­ble and are hon­est and sin­cere. To top it Com­mis­sion­er­ate sys­tem is in­com­pe­tent

The new sys­tem was es­tab­lished to meet the dy­namic and com­plex law and or­der re­quire­ments.

Alas, it has been ren­dered in­ef­fec­tive be­cause noth­ing has changed since its in­cep­tion in 2010, ex­cept for breed­ing more cor­rup­tion on the part of po­lice of­fi­cials. Peo­ple still feel un­safe and crime is on the rise.

Even ju­nior of­fi­cials in the peck­ing or­der, such as con­sta­bles and traf­fic po­lice­men, have been found in­dulging in mal­prac­tices and ig­nor­ing their du­ties.

Lud­hi­ana has wit­nessed un­prece­dented urbanisation so an ef­fec­tive and mod­ern sys­tem to fight crime needs to be put in place. The po­lice should put up com­plaint boxes at schools and col­leges for women to write about their prob­lems with­out re­veal­ing their iden­tity.

Po­lice sta­tions should have a min­i­mum of five women po­lice con­sta­bles/of­fi­cers, with their phone num­bers dis­played on in­for­ma­tion boards out­side.


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