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AP­PROVED BY NASA New NASA guide­lines spec­ify that only the most ad­vanced form of LASIK may be per­formed on its can­di­dates us­ing pre­cise mea­sure­ment, and fem­tosec­ond and wave­front-guided lasers in the two- step pro­ce­dure. The In­tralase FS (fem­tosec­ond) Laser for corneal fap cre­ation re­places the hand -held mi­cro­ker­atome blade his­tor­i­cally used in the first step of LASIK. The com­puter-guided, ul­tra- fast laser vir­tu­ally elim­i­nates al­most all of the most se­vere, sight­threat­en­ing LASIK com­pli­ca­tions re­lated to mi­cro­tomes. The FS Laser also cre­ates an op­ti­mal sur­face be­low the flap, al­low­ing bet­ter vis­ual out­comes. The Ad­vanced Cus­tomised Laser pro­ce­dure pro­vides the most pre­cise, ac­cu­rate form of laser vi­sion cor­rec­tion avail­able to­day. Wave Scan mea­sure­ments are fed into the wave­front com­puter - guided ex­cimer laser for Dr. G.S. Dhami cus­tom- cor­rected vi­sion treat­ment. Laser Vi­sion cor­rec­tion with the In­tralase method may be your ul­ti­mate life­style en­hance­ment tool. With the In­tralase method you can have a LASIK pro­ce­dure that's100% blade free, ex­cep­tially ad­vanced, and has been shown to im­prove out­comes by re­duc­ing flap com­pli­ca­tions for more pa­tients. So may be its time to give your­self the life­style ben­e­fits of bet­ter vi­sion. Make the call now to see if you're a can­di­datemay be you'll see life in a whole new way.

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