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the male+fe­male TG for English news a headsup is Saumya Agar­wal, AVP, Vizeum. He says, “Hav­ing women counted into news genre is more of a pend­ing job and I am glad that Times Net­work has taken the ini­tia­tive. Women are in­creas­ingly get­ting in­ter­ested in daily hap­pen­ings due to their eco­nomic progress, in­de­pen­dent life­style and grow­ing ca­reer con­scious­ness. News as a genre is no longer a do­main dom­i­nated by men.”

Ra­jiv Dubey, Head of Me­dia of Dabur In­dia, adds, “Women do switch on the news and watch it, but when it comes to tar­get­ing for ad­ver­tis­ing, one doesn’t look at news chan­nels for women be­cause women are any­way high con­sumers of GECs. If I were to tar­get a woman, for ex­am­ple, in my core TG, I would look at some­thing which is avail­able to me at a cheaper cost and GECs, movie chan­nels, mu­sic chan­nels are avail­able to you at one-tenth of the cost, or may be less, as com­pared to English news or Hindi news. Although it might be of­fer­ing some num­bers, but those num­bers are com­ing at a very high cost.”

In a state­ment, a BARC spokesper­son said, “As a Joint In­dus­try Com­mit­tee (JIC), we are guided by stake­holder con­sen­sus. We had sought views of our English News sub­scribers on the cut for which we pub­licly re­port the genre. The ma­jor­ity have in­di­cated they do not want a change in the cur­rent cut. Also, this is only for what we re­port in the pub­lic do­main. Our sub­scribers have the full data­base with all cuts.” While Anand does not counter the views of the ad­ver­tis­ers and me­dia plan­ners, Times Net­work on its part has al­ready started re­leas­ing ratings data that in­cludes both the male and fe­male view­er­ship cuts on its chan­nels.

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