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Sci­ence of Karma

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Can Any­one Take On An­other's Mis­ery?

Ques­tioner: Two years ago, a renowned saint was in a hos­pi­tal suf­fer­ing a ter­ri­ble sick­ness. I asked him why all this was hap­pen­ing to him, and he told me that it was be­cause he had taken upon him­self the mis­eries of many peo­ple. Can any­body do such a thing? Dadashri: No one can take some­one else's mis­ery. These are all ex­cuses for him so that peo­ple would con­tinue to wor­ship him as a saint. It was all a re­sult of his own causes. He was sim­ply try­ing to pro­mote him­self. How can any­one, who does not even have the strength to evac­u­ate his bow­els at will, take on some­one else's mis­ery? Ques­tioner: Even I don't be­lieve that. Mis­eries can­not be taken away. Dadashri: Of course, not! He is sim­ply mak­ing fools out of peo­ple, so that he would be wor­shipped. It is im­pos­si­ble for any­one to take away an­other's pain. I tell it to their faces that they are suf­fer­ing their own mis­eries. What non­sense! Ques­tioner: But you can make some­one mis­er­able, can't you? Dadashri: What­ever mis­ery peo­ple give you is your own ef­fect. The abil­ity to give and the abil­ity to re­ceive are both ef­fects. Ef­fect means that no­body does it; it just hap­pens!

Mis­eries Be­cause Of De­merit Karma

Ques­tioner: When a per­son dies from some kind of dis­ease, peo­ple say that it is be­cause of bad karma from his past life. Is that true? Dadashri: Yes, with bad karma, you get dis­ease, and if there is no bad karma, there is no dis­ease. Have you ever come across a per­son with a dis­ease? Ques­tioner: My mother died of can­cer about two months ago. Dadashri: It all hap­pens be­cause of bad karma com­ing into ef­fect. Can­cer oc­curs when paap kar­mas come into ef­fect. All these heart at­tacks oc­cur be­cause of bad karma. Peo­ple to­day bind noth­ing but paap karma. That is their busi­ness. All day long, they bind paap karma! They do this be­cause they are not aware of it. If they were, they would not do so. Ques­tioner: Her en­tire life was spent do­ing de­vout re­li­gious wor­ship, so why did she get can­cer? Dadashri: The fruits of her wor­ship are yet to come. She will re­ceive that in her next life. This is the fruit of her past life. By sow­ing good seeds to­day, you will re­ceive good fruits in your next life. Ques­tioner: If dis­ease is be­cause of karma, then why does medicine cure it? Dadashri: Yes, cer­tain dis­eases are re­sults of bad kar­mas cre­ated in ig­no­rance, so medicine can cure them. If they were in­ten­tion­ally done, then there would not be any kind of medicine that would help cure the dis­ease. In both cases, one does not go un­pun­ished. The only dif­fer­ence is that the bad karma cre­ated in ig­no­rance will re­ceive some kind of help, whereas those done de­lib­er­ately will not. For more in­for­ma­tion on Dadashri's spir­i­tual sci­ence, log on to www.dad­ab­hag­wan.org. Also visit kids.dad­ab­hag­wan.org



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