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ARIES Mar 21-Apr 20

While it's great to be fo­cused on am­bi­tions and ca­reer or your key re­la­tions, do not for­get health and per­sonal-re­lax­ation time. As the year be­gins, re­solve to take care of ev­ery sub­set of your life. With Sat­urn, your tenth house ruler, in its own sign for the en­tire year, the fo­cus re­mains, more or less, on work and pro­fes­sion. Thank the stars as they bring lots of power to your per­sonal and pro­fes­sional plans. Benev­o­lent Jupiter will help you man­age fi­nances.

TAURUS Apr 21-May 21

Take it easy as the year be­gins. There may be a lit­tle con­fu­sion, what with ev­ery­thing seem­ingly mov­ing slowly. Take time to re­lax and un­wind. Your sign ruler joins Sun and Sat­urn in Capricorn, the ninth house from your Sign. Sat­urn is a pos­i­tive planet for you. Even though its place­ment in the house of for­tune may slow things down, Sat­urn will save you from any harm at the end of the day. Be tact­ful in han­dling ten­sions or de­lays. Rou­tine dis­tur­bances may not let you achieve what you ex­pect. De­spite un­ex­pected fam­ily ex­penses, your long-term fi­nances re­main undis­turbed.

GEMINI May 22-Jun 21

Fo­cus on present as the year be­gins. En­joy the first few days even when ev­ery­thing seems to be scam­per­ing for your at­ten­tion. Well, you can't al­ways say no to fam­ily re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. Work will al­ways be there, as it has been lately, so a lit­tle string-pulling there to slow down won't mat­ter much. You are wor­ried about to­mor­row a lot, these days. Stop fret­ting, says Gane­sha. With Sat­urn trav­el­ling through the eighth house from your sign this year, there will be a lot of ques­tions on your mind. But you can't get all the an­swers in one go.

CAN­CER Jun 22-Jul 22

The year be­gins on a slow note. Don't be low on con­fi­dence. You are cau­tious in the first few days of the month, which is not a bad thing. Ca­reer growth is slow, but if you con­tinue to strive hard, things will start fall­ing in place soon enough. Mars and Jupiter move through your fifth house early in the month. Though there will be dif­fi­cul­ties to deal with in your daily ac­tiv­i­ties, you will sail through nicely. With Jupiter placed favourably, ex­pect good bond­ing on the fam­ily front. House­hold ex­penses zoom.

LEO Jul 23-Aug 23

The year's be­gin­ning is a great time to in­dulge in some hefty bar­gains, all of which may be avail­able now, given the hol­i­day sea­son. Hold your horses there, though. Ex­penses soar, and you may find it all a bit too un­set­tling. Per­sonal front re­mains a bit con­fus­ing; pos­si­bly, you don't know why a part­ner is so miffed. Spend time with your beloved. Busi­ness part­ner­ships may run into dis­cords too. Thank­fully, tran­sit­ing Jupiter and Mars will con­fer the sta­bil­ity you need to keep things go­ing. Take care of your health. Also, be care­ful with your words and ac­tions, ad­vises Gane­sha.

VIRGO Aug 24-Sep 23

Sat­urn moves through your fifth house for the whole year, so your cre­ative in­stincts may be slow. But there still is a lot to cheer. Benev­o­lent Jupiter, mov­ing through your third house, views your ninth house of luck for a bet­ter part of this year. Not only will you be saved from losses, but you will also gain from your re­la­tion­ships with your sib­lings, cousins and close rel­a­tives - maybe even in­her­i­tances. The year be­gins on a low note, though. Given the tur­bu­lence in your per­sonal realm, you may end up in­dulging in a spot of heavy emo­tional shop­ping, pre­dicts Gane­sha.

LIBRA Sep 24-Oct 23

Is the monotony of life mak­ing you dull? Ask your­self this ques­tion as the year be­gins. Don't worry; with Jupiter in your sec­ond house for ma­jor part of the year, ex­pect your fam­ily to be your source of hap­pi­ness. Fi­nances will re­main sta­ble too, pro­vided you watch them with care. How­ever, de­spite all go­ing well on sur­face, some­thing may keep you anx­ious. Is the feel­ing of not be­ing suc­cess­ful in your ef­forts mak­ing you con­fused? Utilise this time to hone your skills; al­ter the lens with which you look at the life. A small busi­ness trip is likely around 8th or 9th.

SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22

Mars, along with benev­o­lent Jupiter, should act as a cat­a­lyst, en­abling you to suc­ceed and move ahead in your pro­fes­sional life as the year be­gins. Early in the month, the full Moon brings sooth­ing ef­fects. Be care­ful, though, as your daily rou­tine may be af­fected ad­versely. Your boss may be the rea­son for your an­noy­ance. Pres­sure tac­tics can in­fu­ri­ate you. Prob­a­bly, by 5th or 6th, you may think of tak­ing up a new job. Sat­urn passes through your third house - Capricorn - for the whole year, so there will be new op­por­tu­ni­ties, but only af­ter some strug­gle, adds Gane­sha.


When the year be­gins, you might be on the sev­enth heaven as you may have gained con­sid­er­ably or may have in­her­ited some wealth or prop­erty. But ob­sta­cles on the way may not let you en­joy the mo­ment. Ex­pect some chal­lenges here, and be pre­pared to tackle them with pa­tience and tact, says Gane­sha. With Sat­urn mov­ing through you sec­ond house of fam­ily and fi­nances for the whole of 2018, ex­pect strug­gles and road­blocks in re­lated mat­ters. But if you stay men­tally sorted, clean-hearted and ready to give your best, even­tu­ally Sat­urn will sup­port you.

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20

Your sign is the tem­po­rary home of your own sign ruler Sat­urn this year. When the year be­gins, Sat­urn and Venus are com­bust in your sign, while Sun makes up the third in this in­tim­i­dat­ing trio. Lots of lessons and, don't be scared, mean­ing­ful en­coun­ters are in store. But it all won't be easy. January's be­gin­ning will be slow; don't be hasty or stressed as it will bring noth­ing else but anx­i­ety and bad health. Keep an open mind, says Gane­sha. Gains and wish ful­fil­ment are not far, thanks to Jupiter, so wish for only the best. Fi­nances re­main sta­ble.

AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 18

What­ever res­o­lu­tions you have for this year, just jot them down. You may not be able to put all of them into prac­tice im­me­di­ately, so it would help if you have a ready ref­er­ence. Your mind may seem a bit mud­dled. With ruler of your sign Venus com­bust - and in com­pany of com­bust Sat­urn and mighty, fiery Sun - and all of them pass­ing through your 12th house, things are bound to go a lit­tle awry. Ones look­ing for jobs will be en­thused with the pos­i­tive tid­ings. Progress and highs are fore­seen. But don't let them get to your head, cau­tions Gane­sha.

PISCES Feb 19-Mar 20

Slow down, look around, en­joy the scenery as this is a rare time, and it doesn't eas­ily come in to­day's day and age. Life has taken on a slow pace this January, and there cer­tainly is noth­ing wrong in it. Work to your op­ti­mum, and pa­tiently wait for the re­sults, says Gane­sha. Don't try to rush any­thing, whether it's your get­ting rich or get­ting thin schemes or get­ting mar­ried plans. Thank­fully, your ca­reer and gen­eral se­cu­rity will be good. You will also stay mo­ti­vated to take good care of your health. Work and busi­ness sec­tors re­main alive and busy.

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