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Nov 23-Dec 21

Spend time with your friends and your sib­lings on the 1st and the 2nd. They prob­a­bly now need your in­sight and guid­ance to move ahead in life. If there have been con­flicts, do your best to main­tain a cor­dial re­la­tion­ship and un­der­stand their point of view. Short-term travel for busi­ness around the 3rd or the 4th is likely to be fu­tile. Saturn is in a ret­ro­grade mode and op­pos­ing the Sun. This plan­e­tary align­ment re­stricts high-paced progress. At work, there may be ex­tra tasks and ad­di­tional strug­gle. Find time to med­i­tate and re­lax, espe­cially around the 6th and the 7th.

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