Are Kar­mas Bound Or Re­leased Through Chant­ing And Penance?

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Ques­tioner: When we do chant­ing and prac­tise penance, do we bind kar­mas or do we re­lease our­selves from them?

Dadashri: Kar­mas are bound. Kar­mas are bound in ev­ery­thing. Even in sleep, you bind kar­mas. When you do chant­ing or penance, you bind heavy merit kar­mas, for which you will re­ceive ma­te­rial hap­pi­ness in the next life.

Ques­tioner: So how much strength does re­li­gion (good deeds) have to free you from karma?

Dadashri: Dharma and ad­harma (good and bad deed) are both ef­fects of karma. They keep you bound in the world. If you know the science, kar­mas can be de­stroyed im­me­di­ately. With dharma (re­li­gion, moral­ity) punya kar­mas are bound, and with ad­harma (non­re­li­gion, im­moral­ity) paap kar­mas are bound. With Atma Gnan (knowl­edge of the Pure Self) how­ever, kar­mas are de­stroyed and burnt to ashes.

Ques­tioner: If one is dis­charg­ing both the good and the bad, then how can it be called dharma?

Dadashri: With dharma, kar­mas of punya are bound, and with ad­harma, kar­mas of paap are bound. What would you do if some­one were to slap you? Would you not slap him back? Dou­ble the num­ber, and give him back. It is be­cause of the un­fold­ing of your ef­fect

karma that the man slapped you. He is sim­ply the 'in­stru­ment'. Just ac­cept it as a re­turn of your debt, and de­posit it. Do not give it back. If you do not want to re­peat this scene in the next life, do not give it back.

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