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Fore­cast by Be­jan Daruwalla


Mar 21-Apr 20

This month of­fers you a plethora of ac­tiv­i­ties and sit­u­a­tions that en­hance growth, not only pro­fes­sion­ally but also per­son­ally. There may be times when you are su­per busy and con­stantly on your toes. But there may be a lull, a phase which forces you to pause. The thought process, plan­ning and over­all de­lay in ex­e­cu­tion are likely to test your pa­tience. The sit­u­a­tion will get tough, es­pe­cially for busi­ness­men and pro­fes­sion­als. You may come across many chal­lenges that you are un­pre­pared for.


Apr 21-May 21

Your in­tu­itive pow­ers and sixth sense may seem to be at work in com­ing weeks. Al­though things may be go­ing hay­wire, you know that even­tu­ally ev­ery­thing is go­ing to be al­right. Af­ter all, all's well that ends well! You will be a happy man if you act re­spon­si­bly to­wards your fam­ily and pay heed to their needs on per­sonal and emo­tional fronts. Avoid tak­ing new projects, mak­ing new deals or launch­ing a new prod­uct dur­ing this phase. The re­sult may not be as good as you ex­pect, and it may just lead to los­ing valu­able cap­i­tal.


May 22-Jun 21

You must have learnt as a child that op­por­tu­nity knocks only once; grab it, when you come across it. This month, you may think that an op­por­tu­nity may not be of any use to you, but it may prove to be highly fruit­ful and ben­e­fi­cial in the long run. More so, be­cause it may raise your mon­e­tary sta­tus, mak­ing you fi­nan­cially sound. Life on the pro­fes­sional front is likely to be quite peace­ful and sorted, es­pe­cially for busi­ness­men. Smart ne­go­ti­a­tions, lu­cra­tive deals and valu­able cus­tomers will all be granted to you.


Jun 22-Jul 22

This is a month of cau­tion and care: cau­tion while tak­ing risks and care about your fam­ily, fi­nance, health, et al. The ruler of your sign Moon moves through the fourth house and is in­flu­enced by wily Saturn and ag­gres­sive Mars. Here, you will be in a dilemma while tak­ing im­por­tant de­ci­sions. As a busi­ness­man, you may have big plans to ex­pand your busi­ness, but your busi­ness part­ner may not be game for it. There­fore, you may have a tough time con­vinc­ing your part­ner. Be calm and po­lite while mak­ing a point. Don't sour your equa­tion by push­ing things your way.


Jul 23-Aug 23

You may see an early cel­e­bra­tion of Christ­mas and New Year as the month be­gins on a groovy note. Friends, fam­ily and get-to­geth­ers will keep you in the best of your moods. That does not mean that you have for­got­ten your goals. Am­bi­tious and head­strong as you are, your ca­reer gets an un­di­vided fo­cus as you refuse to give up even dur­ing the tough­est times. For in­stance, ca­reer-ori­ented, pro­fes­sion­als or job-hold­ers may be a tad dis­ap­pointed with work­place and its en­vi­ron­ment. How­ever, you com­pro­mise and try to ad­just as your grow­ing ca­reer graph is your pri­or­ity as of now.


Aug 24-Sep 23

The month may be full of sur­prises - good ones and not-so-good ones. But that does not de­ter you from be­ing jovial and cheer­ful. What both­ers and up­sets you the most is an ar­gu­ment on a per­sonal front. Let the dif­fer­ences be. On the pro­fes­sional front, you are likely to come across many op­por­tu­ni­ties to move for­ward. You may seal a lu­cra­tive deal, which even­tu­ally may give you hefty re­turns and a swelling bank bal­ance. Com­bined in­flu­ence of Jupiter and Mer­cury over the tenth house will work well, es­pe­cially for busi­ness­men to ne­go­ti­ate, make new deals and rope in valu­able cus­tomers.


Sep 24-Oct 23

Spar­ing time for your hobby or pas­sion can work won­ders on your per­son­al­ity. Be­sides hav­ing a re­fresh­ing ef­fect on your psy­che, it may in­crease your ef­fi­ciency and per­for­mance at the work level. So, if you wish to take up ac­tiv­i­ties, like dance and mu­sic, don't think of it to be a waste of time. On the busi­ness front, you des­per­ately want to ex­pand your busi­ness, prob­a­bly to over­seas lo­ca­tions. At the same time, you may want to pro­mote sales lo­cally through smart sale tac­tics. As fore­seen, the de­ci­sion is good, which may yield ben­e­fi­ciary re­sults in the long run.


Oct 24-Nov 22

The month may be­gin on a heavy note, with you be­ing stressed and tensed to be­come suc­cess­ful. As com­bust Jupiter and ret­ro­grade Mer­cury do not seem to push your fi­nan­cial prospects, you need to be very cau­tious while han­dling money mat­ters. Buy­ing, sell­ing, spend­ing and sav­ing, all of these will re­quire a close check. How­ever, you have ab­so­lutely no qualms in car­ry­ing out day-to-day ex­penses. Busi­ness­men will come across a good chance to con­nect with over­seas com­pa­nies. A part­ner­ship or as­so­ci­a­tion is quite likely here. Make op­ti­mum use of tech­nol­ogy, use the in­ter­net and up­date your­self about this new com­pany.


Nov 23-Dec 21

If the plan­e­tary align­ment is any­thing to go by, you are likely to hit a jack­pot, a once-in-al­ife­time op­por­tu­nity dur­ing the month. Keep your eyes and ears open. Busi­ness­men who are on the verge of strik­ing a prof­itable deal since long will make it hap­pen this month. How­ever, a mi­nor glitch in pro­duc­tion process or de­liv­ery is­sues may cause de­lay. But you come up with an idea to sort out the mat­ter and get things back on track. Fi­nan­cially, you will be en­dowed with umpteen op­por­tu­ni­ties to earn money, square off your debt and make up for the losses, if any.


Dec 22-Jan 20

Chal­lenge is a syn­onym for life. There is no point ex­pect­ing an easy way out. You will be highly in­spired to make progress at a full speed. Ob­struct­ing in­flu­ence of Saturn over the tenth house will hold you back from achiev­ing your goals. On the busi­ness front as well, fi­nal­is­ing a few im­por­tant deals may get de­layed as Mer­cury is in ret­ro­gres­sion. Those in part­ner­ships should be very care­ful about ar­gu­ments, dis­putes and mis­un­der­stand­ings, which look quite prob­a­ble here. Em­ploy­ees and ca­reer-ori­ented peo­ple will be as­signed a chal­leng­ing task. Be at your best.


Jan 21-Feb 18

Con­stant shuf­fling of Venus is likely to bring about pos­i­tive changes in your life. This month, busi­ness­men may have to face a ma­jor blun­der or suf­fer losses due to a staff mem­ber. Here, there is no point blam­ing your­self or oth­ers and re­gret­ting it. Take it as des­tiny's call and move for­ward in life. You may come across an op­por­tu­nity to ex­pand your busi­ness, sales-wise as well as ge­o­graph­i­cally. Job-hold­ers and pro­fes­sion­als may feel de-mo­ti­vated. How­ever, Gane­sha ad­vises you to re­main un­af­fected by such en­vi­ron­ment and con­tinue putting in ex­tra ef­forts.


Feb 19-Mar 20

Where there is will, there is a way! This month, mat­ters re­lated to ca­reer and pro­fes­sion look quite promis­ing. As Gane­sha says, do not let past ob­sta­cles pre­vent you from mak­ing fu­ture plans. Im­ple­ment­ing cre­ative ideas and seek­ing co­op­er­a­tion from your sub­or­di­nates is how you can sail smoothly on the path to suc­cess. More­over, Sun mov­ing through the tenth house will sup­port you for en­hanc­ing your prospects on the oc­cu­pa­tional front. Also, thank the ruler of your sign Jupiter, which is mak­ing things pos­si­ble for you. Make op­ti­mum use of this benev­o­lent phase.

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