Gen­eral Atomics New 10 MJ Rail­gun Sys­tem Moves to Dug­way for Test­ing

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SAN DIEGO, CA. Gen­eral Atomics Elec­tro­mag­netic Sys­tems (GA-EMS) an­nounced July 31 that its new 10 Mega Joule ( MJ) medium range multi- mis­sion rail­gun sys­tem has com­pleted fi­nal assem­bly and fac­tory ac­cep­tance test in prepa­ra­tion for trans­port to Dug­way Prov­ing Ground in Utah to be­gin test­ing. The 10 MJ rail­gun sys­tem has been de­signed and built by GA-EMS to pro­vide multi-mis­sion, multi-do­main ca­pa­bil­ity with greater flex­i­bil­ity and a smaller foot­print for ship, land and mo­bile plat­forms.

“The 10 MJ rail­gun sys­tem has our third gen­er­a­tion rail­gun launcher, and in­cludes our fifth gen­er­a­tion pulsed power sys­tem and a new mount­ing sys­tem that al­lows the launcher to el­e­vate and train for bet­ter tar­get­ing,” stated Nick Bucci, vice pres­i­dent for Mis­sile De­fense and Space Sys­tems at GA- EMS. “This rep­re­sents a leap for­ward in ad­vanc­ing rail­gun tech­nolo­gies, of­fer­ing re­duced size and weight for the launcher, twice the en­ergy den­sity in a sig­nif­i­cantly re­duced pulsed power foot­print, and more ca­pa­ble hy­per­sonic pro­jec­tiles. We’ll con­tinue to de­velop and ma­ture th­ese tech­nolo­gies, per­form risk re­duc­tion, and test un­der real-world con­di­tions to ul­ti­mately de­liver a more ca­pa­ble, ef­fec­tive, and cost­ef­fi­cient so­lu­tion to counter fu­ture threats.”

GA- EMS multi- mis­sion medium range rail­gun weapon sys­tem in­te­grates the High En­ergy Pulsed Power Con­tainer ( HEPPC), 10 MJ launcher, hy­per­sonic hy­brid mis­sile, and fire con­trol tech­nolo­gies. The HEPPC utilises GA- EMS next gen­er­a­tion rail­gun ca­pac­i­tors and a new ap­proach to pack­ag­ing and dis­tri­bu­tion of the en­ergy in a smaller foot­print than ex­ist­ing pulsed power so­lu­tions. This re­duces the num­ber of pulsed power con­tain­ers re­quired to launch the guided pro­jec­tiles or hy­brid mis­siles. The HEPPC pro­vides ad­di­tional ca­pa­bil­i­ties to test GAEMS hy­per­sonic pro­jec­tiles, which con­tain a Guid­ance Con­trol Unit with guid­ance, nav­i­ga­tion, and con­trol soft­ware and a com­plex con­trol ac­tu­a­tion sys­tem.

Suc­cess­ful pro­jec­tile com­po­nent test­ing was com­pleted ear­lier this year, with mul­ti­ple fir­ings at launch ac­cel­er­a­tions over 30,000 Gees. The test­ing also demon­strated a con­tin­u­ous two- way data link be­tween the in-flight pro­jec­tiles and the ground sta­tion over an open range that sup­ports the fire con­trol so­lu­tion.

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