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Speak­ing of Kashyap, tell us about your role in Sa­cred Games, which he and Vikra­ma­ditya Mot­wane have di­rected.

I am a R&AW agent who gets in­volved in a case and works with Sar­taj Singh (Saif Ali Khan) to crack it. I am also do­ing another Net­flix show Ghoul. It’s a story that will be bet­ter ap­pre­ci­ated on a plat­form like Net­flix.

What was it like to work with Ra­jinikanth (Ka­bali) and Ak­shay Ku­mar (PadMan)?

Both are ex­traor­di­nar­ily pro­fes­sional, dis­ci­plined and down to earth. You feel like you are with a co-ac­tor and not a co-star. Ak­shay is ex­tremely punc­tual, works for eight hours. I wish every­body worked like that.

Any dif­fer­ence in work­ing on a small, in­de­pen­dent film and one with a big­ger bud­get and mass ap­peal?

There is more in­tel­lec­tual com-prom­ise in some of the big­ger films. Films take for­ever to fin­ish be­cause no­body’s dates are avail­able. There are songs that take for­ever. You have to wait a lot. My com­plaints are stupid be­cause it’s all part of the job.

You made a mark in Sriram Ragha­van’s Bad­la­pur. You are also do­ing his next thriller, Pi­ano.

It’s a fan­tas­tic story. I came on board very late. I will do any­thing for Sriram and Anurag [Kashyap]. Like blindly. I trust them so much that they can give me any part and I will do it.

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