Boost your im­mu­nity

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Por­tion con­trol is cru­cial as weight gain can harm the im­mune sys­tem

Avoid sugar and re­fined carbs

Add nu­tri­ents to your diet: vi­ta­mins C and E; omega-3 fatty acid; bioflavono­ids found in veg­eta­bles and fruit; foods that are rich in im­mune-boost­ing zinc, like beans

Get 7-8 hours of daily sleep, as sleep de­pri­va­tion can weaken your im­mune sys­tem

Steer clear of in­fec­tions: so clean your cell­phone and TV re­mote daily, change tow­els af­ter

3-4 uses, dust ceil­ing fans, vac­uum car­pets, wash bed linen weekly, clean kitchen sponges reg­u­larly, change ra­zor blades af­ter 1-2 weeks, change air fil­ters in your AC, change tooth­brush heads ev­ery 3 months

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