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Rise of Sustainabi­lity

The Burnt Soul

- —By Tamanna Bhasin

About three years ago, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its past life, Monisha Bhandari, 25, and Gatik Bhandari, 29, created The Burnt Soul from the remnants of a workshop fire. Since then, the business has grown and has taken sustainabl­e and ethically produced fashion to a different level. The Burnt Soul’s upbeat bags and animated dresses are a far cry away from the muted and dull products generally associated with the words environmen­tal-friendly. Using sustainabl­e materials such as cotton and linen, each product, down to its buttons and tassels, is handcrafte­d and hand printed in their workshop. From Memories Come Stories Within each collection is an expertly woven story. Every product, whether it is a bag, kurta or tablemat, expresses a certain image or an idea, a memory handpicked by the designer. The Burnt Soul’s Voyage collection is perhaps the best example of this. Each bag, with its vivid blue shading and ikat print, conveys a vibrant image of the blue city, Jodhpur. Similarly, the Aunt Janett collection, with its warm colours and loose, flowing designs, tells a tale of tea parties, grassy picnics and sunny days.

Going Forward At the moment, The Burnt Soul is operating entirely as an e-commerce brand. However, the duo are planning on bringing their soulful creations to their first store in Delhi, in order to give their customers a more tangible shopping experience. They also plan on expanding their product range to include home furnishing­s and furniture.

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 ?? YASIR IQBAL Photograph by ?? Monika and Gatik Bhandari
YASIR IQBAL Photograph by Monika and Gatik Bhandari

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