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1. C 7000 BC

Early habi­ta­tion at Mehrgarh, be­gin­nings of agri­cul­ture in the sub­con­ti­nent

2. MID-4th MIL­LEN­NIUM BC Ear­li­est city at Uruk in Me­sopotamia

3. 3500-2600 BC Early pe­riod of In­dus Val­ley Civil­i­sa­tion (IVC)

4. 3100 BC

Early Cu­nei­form script in Me­sopotamia 5. C 2600 BC Pyra­mids of Giza in Egypt; trade be­tween Me­sopotamia and In­dus Val­ley be­gins

6. C 2600-1900 BC Ma­ture phase of In­dus civil­i­sa­tion, cities at Mo­henjo­Daro, Harappa, Rakhi­garhi etc. Script used across the IVC

7. C 2334-2279 BC Sar­gon of Akkad rules Me­sopotamia, trades with Meluha (an IVC city) 8. 2nd MIL­LEN­NIUM BC Indo­Aryan­speak­ing peo­ples mi­grate from the Steppe into north­west­ern In­dia

9. C 1900-1700 BC Late phase of IVC, cities, script and trade de­cline

10. C 1500-500 BC Com­po­si­tion of Rig Veda and later Vedic lit­er­a­ture

11. 1361-1352 BC Tu­tankhamun rules Egypt 12. C 1300 BC

IVC cities aban­doned

13. C 800 BC

New cities be­gin in the Gangetic plains

14. 1920

IVC dis­cov­ered and ex­ca­vated 15. 1963

An­cient site of Rakhi­garhi dis­cov­ered

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