1 Ayurveda treats the in­di­vid­ual and not just the prob­lem and it is essen­tial for women to ob­jec­tively as­sess what they’re feed­ing their bod­ies on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. While sea­sonal or­ganic, fresh food is essen­tial, mod­er­at­ing or elim­i­nat­ing the in­take of al­co­hol, cig­a­rettes, sweets and junk food is equally im­por­tant.

2 The pop­u­lar trend of raw di­ets and juice cleanses can be in­cor­po­rated but with cau­tion. Their cleans­ing prow­ess suits those whose con­sti­tu­tions are pretty ro­bust to be­gin with, but cer­tain fruits, veg­eta­bles and condi­ments can im­bal­ance cer­tain doshas. So, the ideal juice cleanse reg­i­men can be cus­tomised ac­cord­ing to your unique dosha make-up, in con­sul­ta­tion with an Ayurvedic physi­cian.

3 Like juic­ing and raw food, the trend of in­clud­ing her­bal and detox teas the diet is also very pop­u­lar and pre­dom­i­nant. An Ayurvedic prac­ti­tioner will be able to tell you the best her­bal teas for your dosha make-up. Pop­u­lar detox teas in­clude those with spearmint, pep­per­mint, psyl­lium husk, fen­nel, turmeric, le­mon gin­ger, car­damom, black Pep­per and dan­de­lion root. Spearmint is very woman-friendly as it helps reg­u­late hor­mones, di­ges­tive pro­cesses and re­duces feel­ings of bloat­ing and heav­i­ness.

Daily and weekly beauty rit­u­als 4 can in­clude safe, non-abra­sive nat­u­ral cleansers and ex­fo­lia­tors to un­clog pores, hy­drate and tone the skin, and shed dead skin to re­vive a dull, fa­tigued, or blem­ished com­plex­ion.

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