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The site used to be a Parsi San­i­tar­ium, which in its new avatar was to be­come com­mu­nity hous­ing. Since the first day when we saw the ex­ist­ing struc­tures we were keen to re­use them as part of the project in some form. The first step was to in­ter­link all the three parts by join­ing and ex­tend­ing the verandah to con­nect all the new build­ings. Com­po­nents like the stone plinth; stone col­umn base, wooden col­umns and rafters were res­cued, re­cy­cled and reused from other sim­i­lar struc­tures on the site. Lay­ers of paint was stripped off all the wood­work and pol­ished high­light­ing the beauty of old tim­ber. Win­dows were re­stored and filled with coloured and pat­terned glass. Her­itage tiles on the floor were laid as if light stream­ing through the win­dows has high­lighted them and made them come alive.

The ex­ist­ing build­ings had load bear­ing walls right in their cen­tre. Back to back steel sec­tions were joined to cre­ate built-up sec­tions that spanned across the width of the struc­tures open­ing up the cen­tres for ben­e­fi­cial use. The cen­tral bay had a larger steel mez­za­nine and stair in­serted over the steam room and chang­ing rooms for ac­com­mo­dat­ing the li­brary and read­ing room. The fi­nal step was to add the mul­ti­pur­pose hall to the en­sem­ble. All the var­ied el­e­ments were brought to­gether by the ground plane and plinth that ties to­gether all the ex­ist­ing trees and build­ings—both old and new.

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