For­get the time and bud­get con­straints or the fact that this pent­house re­quired retrofitti­ng work, mak­ing room for works by artists such as MF Hus­sain and M Narayan was the true chal­lenge for ACDS, a Pune-based de­sign stu­dio.


This was a time bound project of 180 days where in we had to re­ori­ent a pent­house and trans­form it into a cosy week­end gate­way. Along with the time con­straint, we had a lim­ited bud­getary al­lowance within which we not only had to retro­fit the apart­ment but also com­plete the in­te­rior dec­o­ra­tion. We opted for a clas­sic Amer­i­can home de­sign with spe­cific fo­cus on fur­ni­ture cou­pled with fur­nish­ings that com­ple­ment it. We opted for su­per glossy faux dark em­per­ador vit­ri­fied tiles and bal­anced it with matte white wash on the walls.

The 5,000 sq ft pent­house is lo­cated on the 10th, 11th and 12th floor of the toni­est build­ing, Delta Em­press, in the most sought out res­i­den­tial en­clave of Sopan Baugh in Pune. The brief was to de­sign a week­end home around the art col­lec­tions of the client. As we had an ex­ist­ing re­la­tion­ship with the client it helped us in de­cod­ing their aes­thetic needs.

Once the art col­lec­tion was shared, which in­cluded art works from MF Hus­sain and M Narayan, to name a few, we con­ducted an in depth study of the scale and colour pal­ette of the col­lec­tions. Post that we al­lo­cated the art works to var­i­ous ar­eas de­pend­ing upon the theme and de­vel­oped a ma­te­rial pal­ette around the same.

As art was the sub­ject, we re­tained white washed walls and white ceil­ing. We opted for pol­ished high gloss em­per­ador tiles which pro­vided us with a dark fore­ground. This de­sign ar­range­ment en­sures that the fo­cus re­mains on the art. Since the theme for the home was cen­tered on Amer­i­can and south western style with spe­cific de­tail­ing and ac­cents, this was re­flected in our se­lec­tion of fur­ni­ture and fix­tures as well. This in­cluded the deep fab­ric so­fas, dis­tressed cof­fee ta­ble and mid-cen­tury style as­cent chairs. We also used as­sorted cu­rios (in­clud­ing the an­tique porce­lain vase) add to the char­ac­ter to the home.

The colour pal­ette of the fur­ni­ture was kept earthy and neu­tral to en­sure that it com­ple­mented the art works in the rooms. The monotony of the plain shade was then bro­ken with use of throw cush­ions and stoles which were co­or­di­nated with the art works in the re­spec­tive zones.

The spa­tial ar­range­ment was de­signed based on func­tions with the com­mon and en­ter­tain­ment func­tions al­lo­cated to the 10th and 12th floor. Th­ese ar­eas in­clude for­mal liv­ing, in­for­mal liv­ing, for­mal din­ing, den/cigar room, guest room and ser­vice ar­eas on the 10th floor. The 12th floor, which houses the ter­race, over­looks the serene land­scapes of Pune Can­ton­ment. We added a lap pool and decks here which act as an ideal spillover space for se­lect evening soirees. The 11th floor was de­signed as a pri­vate zone which has the mas­ter bed­room, three guest rooms, a study and a pantry.

As time was of essence, we planned ev­ery­thing on pa­per, in­clud­ing pro­cure­ments from over­seas, and once we had all the de­liv­ery time­lines locked in, we went live at the site. The chal­lenge we faced in this project was to en­sure that de­signed space high­lighted the art col­lec­tion while main­tain­ing bal­ance of func­tion and aes­thet­ics.

How­ever, for us, the most im­por­tant fea­ture of this home was the art and the man­ner in which the de­sign story com­ple­mented it.

Once the art col­lec­tion was shared we con­ducted an in depth study on the scale and colour pal­ette of the col­lec­tions. Post that we al­lo­cated the art works to var­i­ous ar­eas

de­pend­ing on the theme and weaved a ma­te­rial pal­ette around it.

Clock­wise from above: Nat­u­ral light fil­ters in through the sheers in the dou­ble height liv­ing room; ar­chi­tect Ni­rav Shah; tall wooden can­dle stands add depth to the art­work by M Narayan

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