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Sig­nif­i­cant ad­vances, with newer drugs ap­pear­ing ev­ery year. None of them cause low blood sugar, the bane of treat­ing di­a­betes; many also help in weight loss or pre­vent weight gain. They have now been shown to re­duce heart and kid­ney dis­ease sig­nif­i­cantly, the big­gest killers in di­a­betes—in­de­pen­dent of their ef­fect on blood sugar. All avail­able in In­dia

SGLT in­hibitors (or sodi­umglu­cose linked trans­porters) in­hibits re­ab­sorp­tion of glu­cose in the kid­ney

GLP ana­logues (glucagon-like pep­tides) stim­u­lates in­sulin re­lease, re­duces blood sugar


Preloaded with in­sulin, many are dis­pos­able and con­ve­nient. The new, smart ones can log time, amount and kind of in­sulin in­jected, and re­mind you to take the right dose at the right time, “talks” wire­lessly to your smart­phone In­sulin pumps De­liv­ers in­sulin 24x7 through a catheter in­serted un­der the skin. The pump can sig­nal whether blood sugar lev­els are high or low. The CGM sen­sor can be worn for up to 7 days


A blood glu­cose me­ter pro­vides a brief ‘snap­shot’ of your glu­cose level at a sin­gle point in time. A Con­tin­u­ous Glu­cose Mon­i­tor­ing (CGM) sys­tem gives you a bet­ter view of your glu­cose trends, at cru­cial points, day and night

The Patch

Fixed to the up­per arm with a small nee­dle; a sen­sor tracks changes to blood sugar in real-time; data sent to smart­phone

Flash Glu­cose Mon­i­tor­ing Sys­tem

A small sen­sor on up­per arm that records glu­cose lev­els con­tin­u­ously; elim­i­nates the need for rou­tine fin­ger sticks

Im­plantable Glu­cose Mon­i­tor­ing Sys­tem

Tiny glu­cose sen­sors im­planted un­der a pa­tient’s skin, no fin­ger pricks, can mon­i­tor con­tin­u­ously, some can be re­placed a year later

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