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Full of nu­tri­ents and an­ti­bod­ies, breast milk is eas­ily di­gested and is the best food you can give your child

India Today - - COVER STORY - Dr San­jay Wazir Di­rec­tor, Neona­tol­ogy Cloud Nine, Gur­gaon

There is noth­ing bet­ter than breast­feed­ing your child. Breast milk is not just any milk; it is live tis­sue fluid which con­tains good bac­te­ria, im­mu­nity booster el­e­ments and DHA (do­cosa­hex­aeonic acid) for brain de­vel­op­ment and has in­gre­di­ents that are not found in cow’s milk. Not only are there im­me­di­ate ben­e­fits, but ba­bies who are breast fed also have lesser chance of obe­sity, heart dis­ease and di­a­betes, be­sides hav­ing an IQ that is 2 to 3 points higher than for­mula fed ba­bies.

The per­fect bond

It gives moth­ers a chance to hold their new­borns close, cud­dle them, look into their eyes, and make con­ver­sa­tion with them. Moth­ers who breast­feed have lesser stress, lose more weight af­ter preg­nancy, and have lower chances of get­ting breast, ovar­ian and uter­ine can­cer. Most moth­ers are mo­ti­vated to breast­feed their chil­dren but some of them move to in­tro­duc­ing for­mula milk or an­i­mal milk quite eas­ily on. The most com­mon rea­sons for this is the fear that there is not enough milk. Breast­feed­ing is 90 per cent de­ter­mi­na­tion and only 10 per cent about milk pro­duc­tion.

Mother’s milk is liq­uid love

A few other rea­sons which I find in my prac­tice are “mother gets ex­hausted” be­cause of re­peated breast­feed­ing and “have to join back work” so what would the baby drink if I am at work. Some­times a mother may have phys­i­cal con­di­tions that make breast­feed­ing dif­fi­cult for ex­am­ple, sore nip­ples. Prod­ucts such as breast pumps can be use­ful then as they al­low a mother to ex­press her milk and store it which can be used later to feed the baby. It is a com­monly used de­vice by mother’s world over, how­ever in In­dia, they are ei­ther un­aware or har­bour mis­con­cep­tions. This of­ten re­sults in them shift­ing the baby to for­mula milk which might re­sult in loss of nu­tri­tion for the child.

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