Can it come with­out a warn­ing?

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“For most can­cers, there are warn­ing signs and symp­toms and the ben­e­fits of early de­tec­tion are in­dis­putable. How peo­ple with pos­si­ble can­cer symp­toms de­cide whether or not to seek med­i­cal help de­ter­mines their chances of cure and sur­vival. We find that pa­tients of­ten dis­miss their early symp­toms, es­pe­cially if the “red-flag” warn­ing symp­toms are pain­less or spo­radic. Some just watch and wait, some are afraid of poor prog­no­sis, some lack con­fi­dence in doc­tors, some think their prob­lem is re­lated to age­ing. As a so­ci­ety, we have par­tic­u­larly poor “sus­pi­cion in­dex” for can­cer and it leads to de­layed di­ag­no­sis and treat­ment. For any symp­tom that con­tin­ues for more than three weeks, do not rule can­cer out. Treat­ing can­cer early means you have a far bet­ter chance of beat­ing the dis­ease.”

DR HARIT CHATURVEDI, Sur­gi­cal on­col­o­gist, Chair­man, Max In­sti­tute of On­col­ogy and In­dian Can­cer So­ci­ety

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