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En­tre­pre­neur and di­rec­tor of The Bel­ga­dia Palace and princess from the Royal Fam­ily of Mayurb­hanj, Mri­nalika Bhan­jdeo, 28, started prac­tic­ing yoga seven years ago and three years ago, she started teach­ing it too. It seeped into my ev­ery­day life and even though I did not en­ter the prac­tice of yoga with the in­ten­tion of mak­ing changes in my life­style, it made me aware of how I live my life—from what and how I eat, to hav­ing a phone-life bal­ance,” says Bhan­jdeo.

The stress caused by the dig­i­tal medium is one of the main things yoga helps ad­dress, says the hatha yoga ex­po­nent. “The prac­tice of yoga helped me mas­ter my breath, which was the first step to learn­ing how to con­trol my mind. We are bom­barded with ex­ter­nal stim­u­la­tion which throws us off bal­ance, es­pe­cially as we live in the dig­i­tal age where our big­gest health con­cerns are re­lated to poor life­style choices,” she says. Those choices are what you can ad­dress with mind­ful­ness.

Bhan­jdeo es­pe­cially rec­om­mends “med­i­ta­tion to re­lax the body and mind” with nadi shod­hana (al­ter­nate nos­tril cleans­ing) and shee­tal pranayama which helps im­prove the flow of oxy­gen into the body, low­ers blood pres­sure, and calms the mind and body.

For com­mon ail­ments and prob­lems she sug­gests cat/cow poses to im­prove cir­cu­la­tion through spine and core and the co­bra pose to “open up the chest and im­prove lung ca­pac­ity” as well as al­le­vi­ate lower back pain. She also ad­vo­cates pop­u­lar and rel­a­tively sim­pler poses like the stand­ing for­ward bend and tree pose that help im­prove flex­i­bil­ity and bal­ance.

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Yoga ex­po­nent Mri­nalika Bhan­jdeo

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