India Today : 2019-02-11



CANCER PROJECT PUNJAB GANGETIC PLAIN (UTTAR PRADESH, BIHAR) All cancers higher than average TOP: Gall bladder, head and neck cancers TOP: Kidney, urinary bladder, breast cancers RISK: Water pollution, diet rich in animal protein Pollution, pesticide, toxin in food RISK: NORTHEAST HIGHEST CANCER RATES GUJARAT AND RAJASTHAN TOP: Oral and stomach TOP: Head and throat cancers Tobacco, household burning of firewood RISK: RISK: Tobacco and paan masala MADHYA PRADESH WEST BENGAL TOP: Oral cancers TOP: Lung, urinary bladder cancers RISK: Tobacco and paan masala SOUTH AND COASTAL INDIA GOA RISK: Air and water pollution TOP: Colon cancers TOP: Stomach cancers RISK: Red meat, alcohol, tobacco RISK: Diet rich in spices and salt

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