India Today : 2019-02-11

Q + A : 72 : 66

Q + A

DIGITAL EDITION THANK YOU FOR READING CANCER: NEW TREATMENTS BENGAL BORDER: PRISONERS OF THE PAST FEBRUARY 11, 2019 `60 TNEMYAPERPTUOHTIWTSOPOTDESNECIL 91-7102/50/DABADIRAF;02-8102/88-)C(U;02-8102/8606/11-)DN(LD.ONDERETSIGER THE PRIYANKA GAMBIT 57/78582.ONINR Will her entry give the Congress campaign a boost or upset a fragile Opposition alliance in the high stakes 2019 battle for Uttar Pradesh? Priyanka cover.indd 1 30/01/19 8:21 pm PLEASE CONTINUE TO YOUR FREE MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2019 FORM AND PLAY BY ARTIST GANESH HALOI A MONTHLY CITY MAGAZINE HIGH ON HEALTH LIGHT MEALS, NEW WORKOUTS, ORGANIC BEAUTY PRODUCTS & MORE Saroj Sharma, co-owner, Wabi Sabi

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