Class IV teacher at an un­reg­is­tered madrassa in Banglam­ore, South 24 Par­ganas, West Ben­gal

India Today - - 72 YEARS OF INDEPENDEN­CE -

“We have fought for the in­de­pen­dence of our coun­try. So many peo­ple from our com­mu­nity, from Delhi to Deoband, gave up their lives fight­ing the Bri­tish. This coun­try be­longs to us as well. To us, our coun­try is like our home. We will do what­ever is re­quired to pro­tect our home against ex­ter­nal at­tacks—they could come from any­where in the world. If our coun­try de­mands our blood, the way Ne­taji Sub­has Chan­dra Bose did, we will not hes­i­tate. Je­had is not any re­li­gious war­fare, it is a strug­gle for self-con­trol and self-bet­ter­ment.”


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