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Lo­ca­tion Par­sik Hill, Be­la­pur, Navi Mumbai Area 710 sq ft

Spe­cial Fea­tures The cen­tral court­yard is flanked by scrap rusted metal plates riv­eted to­gether

(bot­tom right im­age). The other side has metal pipe left­overs pieced to­gether like bam­boo form­ing a “pipe wall” in­te­grat­ing struc­tural col­umns, rain­wa­ter down take pipes and a sculp­ture of spouts that in the mon­soon are a de­light for all the senses

(im­age on the left). On the third side is a wall clad in cut-waste stone sliv­ers lifted off the back of stone cut­ting yards and waste gen­er­ated on site (bot­tom left im­age). Kitsch coloured tile sam­ples re­tain a planter in the mid­dle (im­age on the left).

Chal­lenges Faced

The court­yard forms the core around which this large four-gen­er­a­tional fam­ily is or­gan­ised and comes to­gether. It is ac­tu­ally raised a floor above the ground level and hid­den be­low is a large rain­wa­ter har­vest­ing tank wrapped with rock that was re­moved from the hill­side dur­ing ex­ca­va­tion. To build on top of a hill is al­ways ex­cit­ing, un­til it was dis­cov­ered that the site is sur­rounded by neigh­bours on all sides. So the de­sign process looks in­wards and is built around the quin­tes­sen­tial In­dian court­yard, al­beit slightly mod­i­fied.

Quick Tip

The court­yard has been an im­por­tant and in­te­gral fea­ture of tra­di­tional cli­mate re­spon­sive ar­chi­tec­ture across the globe. Apart from be­ing a tem­per­a­ture reg­u­la­tor it also helps fam­i­lies bond. Prin­ci­pal Ar­chi­tects S+PS Ar­chi­tects sp­[email protected]

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