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DHARMENDRA PRADHAN Union Minister of Education, Skill Developmen­t and Entreprene­urship


What is our challenge? In the student age group (3-23), there are 520 million people, of which 300 million are in schools (of all kinds). This means some 200 million are out of the network”

“China and Japan don’t depend on English for R&D, high-end jobs or as a medium of communicat­ion. If we have to grow, we have to think about our local languages”

The Government of India crossed Rs 1 lakh crore for the first time in this year’s budget for education. The state government­s and private institutio­ns are spending. Philanthro­pic investment is coming also

We don’t want to have any restrictiv­e regulation. Innovators are creative people, let them do their innovation. Yes, we expect some adherence to moral guidelines. Edtech should not be exploitati­ve”

We are prepared with the document for the Higher Education Commission Bill. Very soon, we will take it to the Cabinet. We should be able to table it in the next session of Parliament”

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