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Here’s why trendy sustainabl­e home furnishing­s are perfect for this time of the year



There is so much happening in the world of green design, with almost everyone turning into eco warriors. The good news is that today you are spoilt for choice with pretty products that also do their bit for Mother Earth.

Waste Not, Want not

One of the most interestin­g sustainabl­e practice by Eris Home is the ahimsa silk product made of ‘no-kill silk’. “Unlike traditiona­l sericultur­e practices that boiled alive roughly 3,000 silk worms to extract their cocoon to make a single silk cushion we buy silk cocoons from tribal women is Assam, who collect the cocoons left behind by the Eris silkworm after they hatch in the wilderness,” says Sanjana Lunia, founder and creative head, Eris Home. The eco-conscious brand has also recently launched a line of vegan table linen.

Recycle and Reuse

From solar panels at their Bhadohi facility to responsibl­e sourcing practices—sustainabi­lity starts from the get-go for carpet-company, The Blue Knot. “We also pride ourselves in using materials such as BCI cotton, recycled polyester, RWS wool, viscose, jute, hemp, linen,” says Swasti Shah, founder and creative director, The

Blue Knot, adding, “PET bottles are sorted, cleaned and shredded into flakes before turning into fibres, while BCI cotton is sustainabl­e, plant derived and eco-friendly.”

Holistic Approach

For home textiles giant Sarita Handa there are many forms of sustainabi­lity. “For instance, we have part of our energy needs fulfilled by solar energy. We have increasing­ly started using more sustainabl­e fabrics. However, more important than these is that we are being able to sustain the craftsmen and craftswome­n,” says Suparna Handa, managing director, Sarita Handa

Carpet Care

“All our products are handmade by generation­al craftspeop­le using techniques such as screen printing, block printing, weaving, knotting and tufting,” shares Anushka Ahuja, co-founder, GharGhar. That’s not all, they also use eco-friendly and sustainabl­e materials such as jute, recycled cotton, bamboo silk, recycled sari and recycled plastics silk for most of their products.

Premium Product

At Maishaa, a multi-brand store, highend sustainabl­e fabrics are in demand this season. “Popular collection­s from Clarke & Clarke are either manufactur­ed entirely from recycled plastic (recycled polyester) or are blended with some natural fabrics such as cotton,” says Arun Garg, founder, Maishaa, adding, “We also stock fabrics from Nya Nordiska made from recycled materials such as polyester, wool and polyamide.”

So, what are you waiting for, going green has never been easier.

A blue rug from GharGhar
GREEN DREAM A blue rug from GharGhar
 ?? ?? ECO WARRIORS (clockwise from below) Furnishing­s from Sarita Handa; carpet from The Blue Knot; bedding from Clarke & Clarke available at Maishaa
ECO WARRIORS (clockwise from below) Furnishing­s from Sarita Handa; carpet from The Blue Knot; bedding from Clarke & Clarke available at Maishaa
 ?? ??
 ?? ??

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