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From Socialist Big State to Licence Raj to Liberalisa­tion to Aatmanirbh­ar Bharat, Indian manufactur­ing has seen many lows and highs


THE INDUSTRIAL POLICY RESOLUTION OF 1948 focuses on enhancing production and ensuring equitable distributi­on by stressing the role of the state in industrial activity

THE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMEN­T & REGULATION ACT, 1951 requires that industries get a licence to set up and expand; a specified schedule of industries is created to denote the various licences needed

LIBERALISA­TION AND THE NEW ECONOMIC POLICY 1991 transforms India’s industrial and manufactur­ing landscape

AATMANIRBH­AR BHARAT ABHIYAN announced in May 2020, aims to encourage domestic production and reduce our dependence on imports, especially from China

In February 2021, the Narendra Modiled government announces an outlay of Rs 1.97 lakh crore across 14 key sectors for a Production-Linked Incentive scheme to create ‘NATIONAL MANUFACTUR­ING CHAMPIONS’

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