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1947-48 War for Kashmir:

Pakistani army regulars and tribal raiders invade Kashmir. Over 15,000 troops fight on both sides. UN draws ceasefire line between India and Pakistan 1961 Operation

Vijay: Portuguese India (Goa, Daman, and Diu) is incorporat­ed into India JUNE 1961 HAL HF-24

Marut: India’s first indigenous fighterbom­ber aircraft takes flight 1962 Indo-China

War: Dispute over McMahon Line has nearly 20,000 Indian troops fight 80,000 Chinese soldiers in Ladakh, NEFA. 6,000odd casualties 1965 Indo-Pak War:

Over 33,000 Pakistani soldiers posing as locals enter Kashmir. Indian military responds strongly via a second front. UNnegotiat­ed ceasefire 1967 Kalvari-class:

India inducts its first submarines from USSR and renames them 1971 Indo-Pak War:

Indian military defeats Pakistan, to liberate Bangladesh. Over 90,000 PoWs taken

Bofors 1986 deal:

India with Swedish signs deal firm AB Bofors for 400 howitzer guns. They play a key role in the 1999 Kargil conflict 1987 Operation Pawan: Indian Peace Keeping Force deployed to take control of Jaffna and enforce disarmamen­t of LTTE as part of IndoLankan Accord 1989 Agni I: India’s first interconti­nental ballistic missile, with a range of 7001,200 km, tested. More sophistica­ted versions tested in following decades 1999 Kargil conflict:

Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants occupy key heights in Kargil. Indian army launches Op Vijay and IAF Op Safed Sagar to oust them 2016 Rafale deal:

India signs deal with French firm Dassault to buy 36 Rafale multirole fighter jets, of which 35 have been delivered 2016 Arihant-class:

The made in India nuclearpow­ered ballistic submarines commission­ed 2020 Doklam: Border clashes between Indian army and PLA in Ladakh lead to military standoff. Complete disengagem­ent still awaited despite 16 rounds of talks

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