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1865 The first legislatio­n on forests and wildlife, the Indian Forest Act, enacted 1991 Felling of trees in national parks and sanctuarie­s banned 1927 A new Indian Forest Act covers all wildlife issues, such as granting permission for hunts


The Indian Board for Wildlife, set up as an administra­tive body in 1950s, replaced with the National Board for Wildlife, a statutory body under the PM’s chairperso­nship 1935 Forests and wildlife, a subject on the federal list, is downgraded to the state list under GoI Act, 1935


An amendment in

WPA does away with the provision to allow hunting; hunting of migratory birds also banned


National Tiger Conservati­on Authority (NTCA) created. It is the apex decision making body for the 52 tiger reserves. Buffer zones around them made mandatory. Conservati­on reserves and community reserves also created. 1968 Eight states ask the Centre for apex legislatio­n to govern wildlife issues


The Wildlife Protection

Act (WPA) is passed. Hunting of animals listed in Schedule I of WPA is banned. However, provision for allowing hunting is retained 2003

Provision to confiscate property of those convicted in wildlife crimes introduced in WPA 1972

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